This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Privacy Policy”) is a set of rules to be followed to process and ensure safety of personal data provided by you when using the website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”).

ATTENTION! Please thoroughly review this Privacy Policy to be aware of the personal information gathered on the Website, purposes it is used for and how you can change or delete your personal data.

I. Personal Data of the User and Processing Thereof

“personal data of the User” shall mean any information that directly or indirectly relates to you as the User of the Website including information:

- related to you as a specific person (for example: full name, e-mail address, date of birth, etc.);

- you provide when completing questionnaires, registration forms and applications on the Website;

- transferred by your browser and other electronic devices (for example: IP address); and

- other information about you received from the third parties (for example, if you use a link from another websites).

For example, personal data includes information that can identify you such as your name, contact details, IP address, device IDs and information that cannot identify you, but is stored by us together with such personally identifiable information, whether it pertains to the ways you use our services or country where you stay at the time of such use.

Personal data processing shall mean any action or series of actions taken with or without use of automation facilities with respect to personal data including gathering, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification, updating, modification, extraction, use, transfer, distribution, granting, anonymization, blocking, deleting, and destruction of personal data.

II. Personal Data Gathered on the Website

1. Information provided by you

That is Personal Data you provide by yourself when completing questionnaires, registration forms and applications on the Website including but not limited to:

·   name;

·   e-mail address;

·   phone number.

2. Information generated or received automatically

Data automatically transferred when using the Website with the help of the User installed software including but not limited to:

·   IP address, cookies, web browsers parameters and settings;

·   Website use statistics and other technical information.

3. Information received from the third parties

Sometimes information about you is provided by the third parties depending on the way you select for interaction with us. For example, this is applicable where you go to our Website from a third-party website (partner or advertizing website).

III. Who Processes Personal Data

To offer you a possibility to use the Website and provide our services to you thereon, your personal information is processed by the Website Operator – Allunic FZE, license No. 6809, set up date: December 10, 2019, registration address: Business Center, Al Shmookh Building, UAQ Free Trade Zone, Umm AL Quwain, U.A.E. (hereinafter referred to as “the Website Operator”).

IV. Legal Framework and Purposes of Your Personal Data Processing

The Website Operator may not process your Personal Data without sufficient legal grounds. Therefore the Website Operator processes your Personal Data only to:

·   Keep in touch with you (send letters, notices, inquiries and other information concerning the Website use, services, and performance of obligations assumed);

·    Process your requests and applications and respond to your inquiries;

·    Effect conclusion on the Website and performance of agreements between you and the Website Operator and the other persons that provide services realized on the Website;

·    Execute agreements between you as the User or the customer and the Website Operator (or other persons providing services realized on the Website);

·    Improve quality of services realized on the Website and Website usability;

·    Send advertizing messages and information to you (including messages on a cell phone and by e-mail);

·    Ensure safety and reliability of the Website (detect and block threats in a timely manner to prevent intruders from causing harm to you, other Users of the Website, the Website Operator and public interest).

·    Meet the requirements of the effective laws and regulations;

·    Protect lawful interests of the Website Operator and the third parties that provide services realized on the Website (unless contrary to your rights).

The Website Operator shall also process your information in other cases subject to your consent (in written or electronic form, given by checking the personal data processing consent box).

V. How to Modify, Delete, Add Your Personal Data and Learn What Information about You is Gathered and Stored by the Website Operator

To change, delete, add personal data and receive an outline of the information about you that is collected and stored by the Website Operator, you can any time:

·    Write an e-mail letter at with the respective request


·    Address the support service (using contact details specified on the Website).

VI. When Your Personal Data May be Transferred to the Third Parties

The Website Operator shall not disclose any data provided by you to other companies, organizations and individuals that have no relation to the Website. This is with the exception of the following situations:

·    you expressly agree to such actions;

·    based on an inquiry of court or other competent public authority within the statutory procedure;

·    transfer is necessary to receive services acquired on the Website or to execute a certain agreement or contract between the Website Operator and you;

·    as otherwise provided by the law of the country of your jurisdiction.

·    In case of any agreements entered into (offers accepted) on the Website with the Website Operator or companies that provide services realized on the Website, data provided by you shall be transferred (including cross-border data transmission) to the companies wherewith you enter into agreements to identify you as the Customer (Client).

VII. Protecting Your Personal Data by the Website Operator

The Website Operator shall ensure reliable protection of your data.

The Website Operator shall use every effort to secure the Website Users from unauthorized attempts of access, modification, disclosure or destruction of data stored by us.

Moreover, the Website Operator shall do the following:

·    Continuously improve data gathering, storage and processing methods including physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the systems;

·    Limit employees, contractors and agents access to personal data and impose strict contractual obligations thereon, which violation entails penalties or dismissal;

·    Use the state-of-the-art technical and digital data protection methods;

·    Apply effective antivirus software.

VIII. Regulatory Compliance and Interaction with Regulators

The Policy is developed in accordance with the laws and regulations of the UAE and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

The Website Operator shall update the Privacy Policy on a regular basis to bring the Policy into compliance in case of any changes made to the legal and regulatory framework and process the User information in accordance herewith.

In cases where the Website User is a citizen of the Russian Federation who reported his/her status to the Website Operator, data of such User shall be stored on servers in the Russian Federation.

All regulators’ inquiries shall be accepted in electronic format by e-mail or at the registration address of the Website Operator. Inquiries shall be processed within five business days.

IX. User Rights

Any time you as the Website User may:

·              Review personal data provided by you and stored by the Website Operator;

·              Make changes, updates, and additions to your personal data;

·              Request your personal data deletion;

·              Raise an objection against your personal data processing;

·              Require the Website Operator to limit processing of your personal data;

·              Elect not to receive direct marketing and advertizing materials sent by the Website Operator;

·              Withdraw your consent to personal data processing. This shall neither affect the legality and legitimacy of data processing before such withdrawal nor influence lawful data processing other than data processing in accordance with the above consent;

·              File a complaint regarding personal data gathering and use with the competent authority in charge for personal data protection oversight;

·              Exercise other statutory rights set forth in Section VIII of this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions concerning rights of the User please contact our support service by e-mail:

X. Website Operator Liability. User Claims

The Website Operator shall not be liable for loss of personal data through actions of the third parties, including the website hosting provider of the Website Operator, software errors, unreliable communication channels and unlawful acts of hackers and other intruders.

Should any personal data loss be detected, the Website Operator shall notify the User within 24 hours from determination of the fact and take every effort to reduce negative consequences and identify persons responsible for such loss.

Before bringing before the court any disputes arising out of or in connection with the relationships between the User and the Website Operator, a claim (written offer of voluntary settlement) shall be raised. A Party that receives such claim shall, within 30 (thirty) calendar days from receipt, notify the claimer in writing of the claim processing results. In case of failure by the User and the Website Operator to agree, the respective dispute shall be brought before a court in accordance with the effective laws and regulations of the UAE.

XI. Personal Data Processing Time

Your personal data shall be processes while you are using the Website, during processing of your request for the services and during 6 months after the expiry of the above terms.

If you enter into agreements with the Website Operator, acquire services on the Website, your personal data shall be processes during the validity periods of such agreements and three years after the expiry thereof. 

XII. Policy Update

This Policy may be amended. The Website Operator may make amendments at its sole discretion including but not limited to cases where such amendments are due to changes in the applicable law and where such amendments are connected with changes in the Website operation.

The latest available revision shall be published on the Website. 

The Website Operator has no intent to limit you rights as the User described in this Policy without your consent.

XII. Other Provisions

Invalidity of certain provisions hereof acknowledged by the court decision or resolution of any other competent public authority shall not entail invalidity of the Policy as a whole.

This Privacy Policy

operates on the website since December 23, 2019.