New lots Monopizza MF

Friends, we hurry to share the great news that our partners from Ukraine have been waiting for so long! 

The start of sales of management franchise network of pizzerias "Monopizza" in Ukraine is due!  

And already today you can become a co-owner of pizzerias in Ternopil or in Chernivtsi!!! 

Lot Management franchise "Monopizza" Ternopil consists of two pizzerias, approximate opening dates - October and December 2020.  

Forecasted payback period is 48 months, and the expected profitability is 23.53%. The minimum entrance threshold is 1370 000 UAH. 

Lot Management franchise "Monopizza" Chernivtsi consists of two pizzerias, the approximate opening dates of which - October and November 2020.  

The forecasted payback period is 47 months, while the expected profitability is 25.53%. The minimum entrance threshold is 1200 000 UAH. 

Becoming a pizza restaurant owner has never been so easy! 

Management franchise is a great way to get passive income without plunging into all the nuances of the restaurant business. You do not have to control the process of the restaurant, for you it will be done by ️команда professionals. 

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