Briefing with Irina Maltseva and Smartass representatives


This Saturday, September 19, at 14:00 MSK presentation will take place...  No, stop. Such news requires more solemnity!

We have been negotiating for a long time, solving legal issues, working on nuances. And now, we can proudly declare:

This Saturday we will present you the new business of X100 holding:

Network of the first boutique fitness clubs

SMARTASS Sportclub

This business is not only a unique format, it is also a very creative approach, as we love!

You will learn about the mission, idea, development strategies and financial attractiveness of this business from our leaders:

Irina Maltseva - X100 Commercial Director


Ekaterina Kuzmenko

Ideal inspirer and co-founder of Smartass

And once again, time and date: September 19, 14:00 MSC

Do not be late, do not miss the opportunity!

See you later!

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